“GREAT teacher. We will ride together again” – Michaleen M. Josephs

Dear Kris,

I just got back home after my yoga and horses retreat. It all went by
way too fast!!! I can’t tell you what a gift it was to soak up all
the horse noises and smells, handle tack, hear horse stories, remember

bits and pieces of long-forgotten knowledge and memories. Your barn
and horses offered a wonderful way to reconnect with a childhood love.
And, while it has been a long while since I’ve had lessons or
watched them, I remember enough to know that you are a special kind of
teacher. I had light bulbs going off doing those lunge line
exercises, feeling and understanding riding in a way I hadn’t before.
You have a wonderful blend of instruction, correction and
encouragement. If I lived on the island, I would be signed up for
lessons by next week!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for offering your
considerable skills and your beautiful Hippophile Farm in a retreat

Lisa Brinn

It was a true pleasure meeting you Kris and your amazing
horses. I loved our 3 days together and I am a better rider for it. You are a GREAT teacher. We will ride together again….

Michaleen M. Josephs